Rice Ball Makers

Sushi robots for cooking nigiri rice balls and gunkans

These compact robots can produce nigiri (sushi) rice balls of high quality, excellent shape, and perfect texture. They do not damage rice while compressing, unlike the majority of sushi chefs. Robots always make nigiri of equal shape and weight.

One professional nigiri robot can easily replace up to 10 sushi chefs because of its huge productivity.

ASM 450 CE Sushi Maker

Automated alignment and automated forming can be done with 1 machine!

ASM 545CE Nigri Robot

A Multiple function Nigiri robot capable of making three different types of rice balls

ASM 405CE Rice Ball Maker

The ASM405CE is a semi-automatic shari dama(rice ball) maker.

ASM 410SCE Nigri Robot

The ASM410SCE is a high speed fully automatic shari dama robot.

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