ASM 405CE Rice Ball Maker

Rice Ball Maker

The Sushi Machine team brings you two of the best sushi Rice Ball Makers available today in the market. Machines are simple and easy to use and are very efficient. Take a look below…

ASM 405CE Rice Ball Maker

The ASM405CE is a semi-automatic shari dama(rice ball) maker. It is sleek in design and is easy to set up, operate and clean down. It features a single immediate demand shari dama dispenser where a single shari dama is dispensed directly onto the operator’s hand when placed below the forming area. Alternatively, it can be set to dispense onto the display table for the operator to pick up. The ASM405CE is capable of producing 1,800 shari dama per hour at 60HZ (in Australia where frequency is 50Hz, the rate will be about 1,500pcs/hour).


Production Rate: 1,800 pcs per hour (at 60Hz)

Rice capacity: 3Kg

Dimensions: W280 x D321 X H545mm

Weight: 16 kg (approx)


ASM405CE: 230V, 50Hz, 40W

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