ASM865E Rice Sheeter

ASM865E Rice Sheeter

1 unit ASM865E Rice Sheeter…used for 1 years.Very good original working condition. Previous user rented for several months. Machine is currently in Queensland and can be sent to any buyer within a few days.
Price: A$14,000+GSTfor NEW
This unit: A$10,800+GST delivered (Australia only or additional if overseas).

The ASM865CE Rice Sheeter was designed from feedback we received from customers using various models of Rice Sheeters…and new/improved features include Largest Hopper capacity in the world for Rice Sheeters at 8.2kg., 230V single phase electrical needs, positive front sensors for ‘auto’ function, improved front and hopper covers, faster operational speed, continuous heater being ‘on’ and dual size magnetic seaweed guide.

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