ASM835E Rice Sheeter

ASM835E Rice Sheeter

1 unit ASM835E Rice Sheeter…used for 3 years and kept aside. Many new components replaced. Fully functional and good running condition. Previous Owner upgraded to new model ASM865CE Rice Sheeter.

All packed and ready to ship.

Price: A$14,000+GSTfor NEW
This unit: A$8,500+GSTdelivered (Australia only or additional if overseas).

ASM835E Rice Sheeter

High Speed Maki Rice Sheeter with Auto Mode and 5 Programs for quick size change

The Autec ASM835 Maki Master is the fastest Maki Sushi Rice Sheeter in the World. It can make a Rice Sheet in 3 seconds. In the ‘Auto’ mode, it will make a new Rice Sheet when the previous one has been removed from the slide tray. The machine comes with a foot operated swicth allowing hands free operation or the foot switch can be set as an alternate switch for left hander to use.

Changing of 5 different sets of parameters (Length, Thickness, Position and Densisty) can be done by just pressing the Program button once for each set of parameters. This makes changing for 5 different size of Maki Sushi Rice Sheets fast and easy.

The black design is modern and the ASM835 comes with a pair of built-in LED lights which allows it to be operated in low light locations such a Sushi Bar, Kaiten Sushi and Izakaya Bar.

This machine can be used immediate upon receiving. Operational Manual comes in English or Japanese. It operates ona 100Vac 60Hz but can be changed to 230Vac 50Hz with a use of a stepdown transformer.

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