ASM780 CE Rice Mixer

ASM780 CE Rice Mixer

Newly developed special resin improves safety and realizes ideal and easy operation. A newly-developed temperature sensor on the ASM780 helps to offer uniform finished rice without being affected by the condition of the cooked rice.

Once operation is done, the machine transfers the mixed rice to the box automatically. Set a rice box in advance and transferring will be completed. The drum is light and releases quickly because newly developed resin is used and it is also easy to clean as the drum itself can be moved to the sink to be cleaned.

ASM780 adopts a new method of mixing rice using a cradle-like motion to mix evenly. It is also suitable for making Japanese-style mixed rice by just adjusting mixing time. The operation is interrupted while drum cover is opened.


Power Supply: AC230V 50Hz

Power Consumption: 200W

Rice capacity: Approx.7-14kg

Dimensions: W598 x D743 x H989mm

Weight: Approx.47kg

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