ASM 865CE Rice Sheeter

Maki Makers

The Sushi Machine team brings you two of the best sushi roll machines available today. Both of these essential tools will have your restaurant humming along with efficiency as they produce sushi rolls very quickly. These Maki Makers can produce up to 700 mats per hour which equates to a lot of sushi rolls. Machines are simple and easy to use and are very efficient.

ASM 865CE Rice Sheeter

The ASM865CE Rice Sheeter was designed from feedback we received from customers using various models of Rice Sheeters…and new/improved features include Largest Hopper capacity in the world for Rice Sheeters at 8.2kg., 230V single phase electrical needs, positive front sensors for ‘auto’ function, improved front and hopper covers, faster operational speed, continuous heater being ‘on’ and dual size magnetic seaweed guide.


Power Supply: AC230V (50 / 60 Hz)

Hopper capacity: Approx 8.2 kg

Dimensions: W348 mm x D430 mm(max 610 mm) x H590 mm

Weight: Approx. 32 kg

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