ASM 450 CE Sushi Maker

Rice Ball Maker

The Sushi Machine team brings you two of the best sushi Rice Ball Makers available today in the market. Machines are simple and easy to use and are very efficient. Take a look below…

ASM 450 CE Sushi Maker

Automated alignment and automated forming can be done with 1 machine! Grate dedication to your labor efficiency
Auto start: Machine starts forming rice balls automatically in 90 seconds
Catch arm is installed: No need to touch rice balls during operation
50 rice balls are aligned in the tray automatically in 90 seconds


Production Rate: 2,200 pcs per hour

Rice capacity: 7.5 kg

Dimensions: W600 x D588 x H690 mm

Weight: 43 kg


ASM450CE: AC 230V, 50Hz, 130W

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