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Welcome! We are the Exclusive Autec Distributor for Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. We have sold more than 950 units within 10 years. We offer comprehensive sushi business solution with productivity, economy and quality.

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Why Choose Us

We do not just sell Sushi machines but provide comprehensive sushi business and production coaching including ingredients sourcing, staff selection/training, site review, Menu planning, hands-on sushi & Japanese food production training.

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    Made in Japan, high quality machines with a warranty.
    ALL our Sushi Machines are Made in Japan at Audio-Technica Corp. Head Office

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    Certificates, Awards and Warranty

    CE Certifications
    SWMS Certifications
    Sushi Awards
    Warranty for all sushi machines against manufacturing defects for 1 year from delivery.

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    Reduces direct food contact and risk of cross contamination.

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    Requires less staff with significantly better results.

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    Higher production rate compared to a sushi chef.

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    Produces delicious and perfect sushi every time.

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    With proper training, any level chef can learn how to use our machines.

Autec Sushi Machine

Come to our showroom, and we would be happy to do a demo for you.

Machines We Deal In

Rice Nets

For transfer of freshly cooked & hot rice from Rice Cooker into Rice Mixer drum.

Rice Tray ASA159

5 pallets in a set, compatible with ASA151 box. Shock-resistant, easily washable.

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Our Machine Better than home Roll



6 kinds of Rolls can be memorized. Rice sheet length, thickness & density can be adjusted.



Rice sheets can be supplied continuously without rolling process.



Different Firmness settings & Re-roll up function can be done to further tighten the Rolls.



The Automatic Maki Cutting machine can be used to cut the Rolls perfectly.

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18Years of Experience
2150Sushi Machines Sold
999Satisfied Customers

Autec Sushi Machine

Meet with our specialists to get recommendations for your type of sushi business. Please, contact the appropriate office.

  1. Sydney Showroom, NSW

    Address: 36/244~254, Horsley Road, Milperra, NSW 2214 ; Telephone: 1300 847 416

    Mobile : 0411 116 868 (Stuart Aamodt) ; E-mail:

  2. *Warehouse (Australia):

    Address: 20, Horus Bend, Bibra Lakes, WA 6163. ; Telephone: 1300 847 416

    Mobile : 0411 116 868 (Stuart Aamodt) ; E-mail:

  3. *Warehouse, New Zealand

    Address : 208-210, Neilson Street, Onehuga, Auckland 1643;

    International Mobile: +614 1111 6868

    Mobile : +64 21 955 878 (Lee Olsen) ; E-mail:

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