Our Portfolio

ASM865E Rice Sheeter

Selling Price: A$10,800+GST delivered (Australia only or additional if overseas).

ASM835E Rice Sheeter

Selling Price: A$8,500+GST delivered (Australia only or additional if overseas).

ASM 880CE Maki Robot

Making rolls with rice outside/inside with a the hopper capacity was increased to 10kg.

ASM 865CE Rice Sheeter

This sushi robot can easily and quickly switch between rolls of different diameter

ASM 250CE Maki Cutter

The most popular maki cutter! Optimal for sushi restaurant, delivery or take away.

ASM 230E Maki Cutter

Optimal for sushi restaurants and catering. Completely autonomous.

ASM 410SCE Nigri Robot

The ASM410SCE is a high speed fully automatic shari dama robot.

ASM 405CE Rice Ball Maker

The ASM405CE is a semi-automatic shari dama(rice ball) maker.

ASM 545CE Nigri Robot

A Multiple function Nigiri robot capable of making three different types of rice balls

ASM 450 CE Sushi Maker

Automated alignment and automated forming can be done with 1 machine!