June 17, 2018

How to exchange, upgrade or sell my old Autec Sushi Machine

In any business, there are always reasons why someone needs to ‘move on’. This could simply be that they have a growing family and need to spend more time at home or a spouse has been re-located interstate. For whatever the reasons, we have been asked many time by various customer on….

‘How to exchange, upgrade or sell their old Autec Sushi Machines ?’

As the circumstances may be varied, we have to just provide some basic options.

Exchange: This may sound odd but we do have some customers who have several outlets using a specific model of say Maki Robots. Because their staff are familiar with that model, they find it difficult to start using a newer model. Unfortunately, in some cases, the ‘old’ model is not in production anymore. So, our customer would need to look into the existing market to find the ‘old’ model and we help them exchange old sushi machine for the new model. These are very rare cases but they do exist.

Upgrade: This is the situation when new models arrive and some customers who have contributed the ‘recommendations’ for the new models are very interested to get the new model. In these cases, we ‘exchange’ the new model for the old model for an upgrade fee. We also have many customers who own multiple sushi stores and want newer models for their latest store. So, although they are using the old models for some of their existing stores, they upgrade their new stores with new models.

Sell ‘old machine’: There are cases where customers have to give up their business because of circumstances beyond their control…an example could be when the Landlord of their premises wants to re-possess their property for other use etc. In this case, the sushi business has to cease operation or move to a new location. If they have to cease operation and decide not to continue, then, they may offer to sell back their machine to us, or put their machine for sales to the general market.

If however, they could re-locate and wish to sell the business, it is a better option for them to sell the business inclusive of the machine as a ‘package’. This way, the buyer does not have the added burden of GST payment for the machine.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or just need assistance for your sushi business, please email us at:

sushimachines@gmail.com or visit our website: www.sushimachines.com.au

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