Industry leading, high speed forming capacity, flexible operation sushi rice ball maker.

Industry leading designy
Compared to all brands in this class, it has the fewest parts
requiring cleaning and the smallest footprint.
Unique Production Design
Only machine in the industry that you can program the number of rice ball pieces to be dispensed and the direction they are dispensed in (right/left or both sides).
Production Capacity
Maximum 4000 rice balls per hour. High-quality formed sushi rice balls with the unique “slant” mould. Rice ball sizes vary from 16 – 24g.

Height Width Depth Hopper Capacity Production Rate
583mm 310mm 509mm Max. Approx. 6.6kg Max 4000 rice balls/hr



Fast and efficient production of rice sheets, with programmable thickness and sizes for sushi rolls, sushi burrito and sushi taco.

Superior Production Capacity
Produces up to 1,200 mats/hour.
Auto supply function for continuous production of high quality rice sheets. When the rice sheet is moved from the tray the next rice sheet is produced automatically. No need to press any buttons.
Stylish and Compact
More compact and lighter than other Japanese brands. USB port for firmware updates as machine function is improved.
Meets EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection.

Height Width Depth Hopper Capacity Production Rate
590mm 348mm 430mm Approx. 33kg Approx. 8.2kg